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Because health and wellness are such infinite topics, we offer more information in the form of links to learn about the tools and techniques we use, testimonials from our patients, a health tip archive and the lending library so you can borrow books from the office.

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Learn more about the Chiropractic techniques that Dr. Ellie uses, the tools we use to learn more about your nervous system and brain function, and the products we feel enhance your health and well being.

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Our patients speak - we're confident you'll want to read what they have to say about us and the healthcare we've provided them with.Power up with Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre

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Health Tip Archive

A solid resource for various health and wellness topics. From simple to more complex health tips; for example, why you may want to increase your Vitamin D intake during the Winter months.

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Lending Library

Be sure to borrow one of these great books or discs from Dr. Ellie's Lending Library next time you visit the office.

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