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  • I couldn’t sit, stand, or lay down for more than 10 minutes at a time.

    I was in a minor car accident, but according to my body it was catastrophic. I felt tightness in my back, but the pain was not severe. The next day I was sore, but I did my normal exercise routine to keep my muscles from stiffening up more. It was when I stopped moving I would be in severe pain - I couldn’t sit, stand, or lay down for more than 10 minutes at a time. I found sleeping exhausting as I was always a back sleeper. I lived 24 hours a day of changing positions for brief periods of time to avoid pain. My PCP advised me to stay home from work for four days, and my chiropractor put me on treatment plan of seeing him three days a week. I tried deep massage, needling, tape, scrapping, suction, cupping, Pilates, deep massage therapy, physical therapy, lidocaine patches and injections, Rolfing massage, wedges, lumbar cushions, other chiropractors and acupuncture – but none had any effect the pain always came back. I was depressed about my condition, and figured there was no cure, and I had it in my head that I would need surgery if the pain ever got too severe. Since seeing Dr. Rolnick I have seen huge changes in my body. Standing or lying down was my backs favorite positions but sitting was agony. I can now sit in a chair for long periods of time. I no longer have to sit or sleep with a heating pad. When walking the beach, I don’t feel like I have ankle weights on my feet any more, and my back is pain free as long as I remember how to stand or walk properly. My back doesn’t ache when I get out of work. I am lifting weights again two or three times a week. I haven’t started running, but I have hope. Dr. Rolnick has given me physical and emotional healing. I have the thrill of hope in my life, and I look forward to a brighter future!

    By Novella P.
  • I feel a lot better!

    When I started Chiropractic care here at Rolnick Chiropractic I felt 20 years older than I am – it was difficult for me to sit, get into my truck, ect. I felt old and everything was stiff, if I got out of a chair I felt 90 years older, I thought I would have to live that way forever. The problem I was having affected my entire life. I tried to go to the gym to work it out and loosen it up but it was intermittent relief and the pain would come back right away – especially when sitting in my office chair. I had to roll out of bed in the mornings and couldn’t get out of my bed comfortably. After starting care I noticed improvements in all aspects of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally, at work, recreationally, relationships, ect. It just made me happier – I wasn’t in pain all the time anymore. Honestly, I didn’t expect this at all – the whole picture. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with tightness and stiffness. I have a ways to go but as far as where I started – I feel a lot better.

    By Kevin M.
  • I feel different, I feel better and I feel like myself again!

    I came to the office because I couldn’t walk; my balance was completely off. My lower back was always in pain and I was at the point I was ready to give up – until I saw Dr. Rolnick’ ad in the courier; for some reason I felt compelled to try it. The ad really hit me – I wasn’t sure who to go to, I saw her ad and it was telling me to call. The affect my pain had on my life stifled my ability to walk and standing for long periods of time to cook, clean, ect. I had to sit down every couple of minutes. I could see myself with a walker and in a nursing home which was a thought I could not handle. I would take Tylenol and sit to watch T.V. – I couldn’t do anything else - I was giving up. Since starting care walking is getting better and now I am able to do what I have to do like vacuum or cook. When the pain came back Dr. Rolnick encouraged me not to get discouraged and I continued to get better. I didn’t expect Chiropractic to help the corneas in my eyes. I wasn’t able to read and once I started care I was able to see again and even read without my glasses. I am taking less medication since care and this weekend I vacuumed with no problem. I feel different, I feel better and I feel like myself again!

    By Pris L.
  • It has been an enjoyable experience all around!

    Originally I came into the office for back pain; I was listing heavily to one side. The pain affected my life so much that I couldn’t process in a normal way, work was difficult. As an essential worker through the pandemic I had to work through the pain. I was so happy to hear she could get me in as a new patient so quickly. I tried exercise and muscle work for my pain through the years and even tried Chiropractic years ago until my Chiropractor retired. I tried one other Chiropractic but it didn’t work out. Upon my first appointment I questioned the technology that Dr. Ellie was using, however, after being adjusted I left the building and walked to my car and immediately felt better. Since starting care I feel more open, I process differently, and I take my time. It has been an enjoyable experience all around!

    By Con H.
  • Getting things back to the bodies innate ability to heal really helped!

    Originally I came into the office with headaches, very bad headaches. It was tough getting out of bed every morning – what’s the point if all I experience is pain all day? It affected my whole life. It was hard to concentrate and stay focused. I was quite reliant on Excedrin migraine and was seeing a doctor who referred me to Chiropractic. After starting care with Dr. Ellie, I noticed a complete turnaround mentally, concentration came back and I physically stopped taking medications for pain. My patience also improved. I think coming here has also helped with my sleeping patterns. Getting things back to the bodies innate ability to heal really helped!

    By Sara T.
  • Thank you so much!

    I suffered through the pain until I met you. I love how passionate you are about wellness, and I know I can always rely on you for advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love knowing that my active children are in good hands as well.

    By Dawn