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Health Tip of the Week: Battle Plan

Optimizing how we live life, makes life worth living. Life shouldn’t be just getting through and meeting the bare minimum requirements of day to day living.

Going to work, grabbing some fast food, watching television is a typical day for most Americans. Add to that a list of daily chores, taking care of the kids, paying the bills and it is very easy to see how one day runs into the next and the weeks go by faster and faster.

Optimizing how we live our lives is about paying attention to 3 major areas of health that can lead to more joy and fulfillment in life. The 3 areas that make life worth living are the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of health. The spirit, mind and body need constant tending to or we risk falling into a state of disrepair, leading to a loss of values, mental stagnation and ill health.

A battle plan needs to be drawn and time each day should be devoted to achieving a balance between the spirit, mind, body and the rigors of daily living. So, yes, while we will always have jobs to go to or jobs to do, families to take care and bills to pay it is important to be able to do all of that in a state of complete health.

The well being that comes with paying attention to the mind, body and spirit is what gives us the fulfillment and joy that makes life worth living. To do this, each and every day needs to include time or planning spent on proper nutrition, exercise, engagement of the mind and spirit.

Proper nutrition included in your daily diet is what can give you control over your health. The elimination of processed foods, sugar, chemicals and preservatives in food can immediately improve your health by giving your body the clean nutrients it needs to thrive.

Daily exercise is the fountain of youth. The body needs to move, muscles need to work. Research after research shows that too little exercise leads to disease and no exercise leads to early death. 20-30 minutes set aside each day for an exercise session is all it takes to improve health.

The old saying, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” is very true. The mind and our intelligence needs to be nurtured each day and there is no better way to nurture the mind then with daily reading. Find a non-fiction book with a topic that interests you and spend 15 minutes a day expanding your mind with new knowledge. In addition, find a fun fiction book with a captivating story that reading a little each day will leave you wanting to read more the next day. Reading is an easy way to keep your mind active and strong.

Lastly, nurturing the spirit is extremely important for optimizing life. Having a strong faith gives us our most fulfillment. Spending time each day in prayer or meditation connects us to everything that is around us. Deep thought challenges us to do and be better and to help others. The fulfillment that comes with doing and being a better person and helping others is what really makes life worth living.

Chiropractic Thought for the Week

It’s not about your back, it’s about your nerves. The nerves that come out between your spinal bones are responsible for the function and health of every single thing in the body. Spinal alignment can effect the nerves by placing pressure and disrupting neural impulse flow. This leads to the body’s systems and internal parts not getting the proper energy it needs to perform at 100% and to be healthy. Thankfully chiropractic care improves nerve flow in the body, helping you to be healthier.


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