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Health Tip of the Week: Health Headlines

In this week’s column, I am going to rapidly fire through some of the biggest headlines to keep you abreast of the “healthiest news.”

Cure for Diabetes is on the horizon. Type 1, insulin dependent diabetes could be cured in the near future with the development of stem cell therapy that turns stem cells into insulin producing cells. According to John Hopkin’s University director of Diabetes Center, “This is the real deal.”

New Treatment and Prevention for Cancer called the Metabolic Theory of Cancer involves attacking mitochondrial cell dysfunction with a ketosis diet and a drug that takes lactic acid out of the cell. Results have been very promising and research has been effective on all forms of cancer.

Ketosis diet is basically a diet that involves zero non-fiber carbohydrates, high healthy fats and low protein, no sugar.

Wash your new clothes at least twice before wearing them. New clothes look, well, new and clean, but research scientists have found that new clothes are far away from being clean. Microscopic studies and testing have found  respiratory secretions, fecal matter, vaginal secretions and dead skin cells on new clothes.  Researcher also state that new clothes can transmit lice and scabies. Most offensive new clothes were swimsuits, underwear and other intimate apparel.

Chemical and drug companies have started another big smear campaign against the vitamin industry. The new attacks are aimed at making people think they are wasting their money and that there is no health benefit to taking vitamins or supplements. These companies are paid sponsors on documentaries and news pieces you may see on TV in the upcoming months. Why do they do this? There is no money to be made if people are taking vitamins instead of drugs.

Non-stick cookware (think Teflon brand) and water repellent, stain resistant clothing are extremely toxic due to a chemical called  perfluorooctanoic acid. The Dupont Chemical Company currently has 3500 personal injury claims filed against it from people whose health has been effected by this toxicity.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued a report stating that chiropractic care is unlikely to cause stroke as some opponents of chiropractic care have asserted. The report was based on a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. The NIH report, starts by stating, "An analysis of Medicare claims data from older Americans who sought care for neck pain from chiropractors suggests that cervical spine manipulation is unlikely to cause stroke." This newest study adds to the growing body of scientific evidence that shows that chiropractic care is safe and does not increase the risk of stroke.

More and More Children going to the chiropractor for health care. 1.8 million children between the ages of 4 years old and 17 years old were under chiropractic care last year.


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