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Health Tip of the Week: Processed Foods

Startling new research from the University of California, published in the journal Endocrinology, shows that the use of soybean oil leads to obesity, diabetes and fatty liver in mice. The research also shows a connection to neurological disorders including autism, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression.

If you are saying to yourself, the study was done on mice and I am a human being, big difference, you are sort of right. Studies done on mice do not always translate exactly to human beings, but they do offer a path to further investigation on how organ systems and health are effected in human beings. That being said, the research performed in 3 separate studies on the effects of soybean oil in mice over 5 years was conclusive. Soybean oil equals ill health and weight gain in mice.

Soybeans are a huge cash crop in the United States. Soy beans are a very big industry as soy is used as an ingredient in almost 100% of all processed food. Soy itself is usually considered a health food.

The good news is that the study does not pertain to soy in general, like tofu, edamame, soy milk and soy sauce, only soy oil. The bad news is, as I said, soy oil is in all processed food, including your cereals, energy bars, snacks and candy.

The bottom line is that for optimal health and healing, processed food should be avoided. If this is done, your soybean oil consumption will decrease.

On a completely different note, I came across some interesting health headlines this week that you should find informative or at the very least, entertaining. It turns out that the old anecdote of being scared to death changing hair color to white is actually true. Research has found that stress to the flight or fight system in our body damages stem cells to hair follicles and can turn hair gray. This is another reason to work on stress reduction in your life.

In another unrelated study, scientists found a cellular pathway that can extend life 500%. If you thought studies on mice were a stretch compared to humans, then this will really vex the conversation for you. This study was on worms. The worm shares a common gene with humans. This common gene has to do with aging. Science is developing a number of drugs that influence this genetic pathway that can extend a healthy lifespan. The cellular pathway extension of 500% is equivalent to humans living 400-500 years. This almost comes close to the 800-900 year biblical lifespan in the book of Genesis of the old testament!!

The question then becomes philosophical in nature as to what would you do to extend your life? Would it involve taking drugs? Or trying the old fashioned method of healthy eating and exercise? If you choose the healthy eating and exercise option, you can start now!


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