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Health Tip of the Week: Opening Phases

As our state begins to open up in phases to normalcy from the CoVid-19 pandemic, it is important to remember a few things to build your body’s immune resistance and maintain your health.  Please remember the virus is still out there.  New cases are becoming less and less in our area, which is great news.

But as evidenced by other states who are seeing spikes in viral cases, the coronavirus can still spread rapidly, especially in a “willing” host.  What does a “willing” host mean?  It means that if you do not take care of your body, especially the acts that support immune system function, you will be more likely to contract the virus in a moderate to severe form.

The World Health Organization recently has said that a very large number of people who have the coronavirus are asymptomatic.  They do not have any symptoms what-so-ever.  To me, this is good news for them, as it shows that their immune system is doing its job and fighting the virus.  Sadly, while their immune system is attacking and defending against the CoVid-19 germs, until eradicated, the asymptomatic person can still spread the virus to other people.

The W.H.O says that asymptomatic spread occurs less than spread from a symptomatic person. This is because the asymptomatic person does not have the overt symptoms of constant coughing.  No coughing means less chance of spreading air droplets with the virus.  Less coughing, less spread.

Back to the “willing” host.  The immune system is supported by eating good, healthy foods and foods high in anti-oxidants (fruits and brightly colored vegetables).  The immune system also functions at its best when the body is exercised on a daily basis.  That fact makes it difficult for me to understand why gyms and fitness centers (with protective measures... sanitary wipes and sprays, spacing) are not open.  Exercise makes the immune system stronger!

Immune system health also relies on proper amounts of sleep, at least 7 hrs a night for adults.  Supplementation with vitamins such as D3, C, Zinc and Elderberry extract are essential for boosting the function of the immune response.

Thankfully it is summer time now and more and more people are outside boosting their natural vitamin D production. 20-30 minutes a day of full body (bathing suit) sun exposure is what you need for adequate vitamin D production.  No sun block in that 20-30 minute span.  Sun block blocks the rays that manufacture D in the body. 20-30 minutes is considered safe, healthy sun exposure without burning.

If you take care of your immune system, your body becomes healthier and it is less “willing” to be susceptible to viruses and germs.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire the virus in your body when you are directly exposed to it, but it does mean that you could be the person who is asymptomatic or has a mild case of the illness.

A lot of people, ok, everyone is excited to jump back into a normal life.  The fact remains that the virus is still here.  We are not like New Zealand where it is completely gone.

We have to remember that this virus, in my opinion, was never really about myself or yourself.  It’s about other people.  It’s about the grandparents and elderly.  It’s about the immune compromised people with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, asthma, auto-immunes disease and cancer.   It’s about the strangers who we will never know, but just walk by on the street or in the store.

I’m not happy wearing a mask or socially distancing myself from others.  But since this, in my viewpoint, is about protecting others, I gladly do it.  I don’t complain about being in a store and following the arrows or standing on yellow tape or wearing my mask.  It’s what I do to protect the ones I mentioned above. 

I believe in an all-natural approach to life and health.  I do my best for me and my family to live that way.  My stance has always been do what it takes to be healthy to stay healthy. I am personally not afraid of the virus, I believe in the power of the body.  I believe in taking care of that power by doing the things that I talked about above.

But that power has its limits too.  That is why it is important for us to protect the others. The target audience for this disease needs our protection and that is why there are health guidelines to follow.

Some of the rules and regulations make no sense to me and I am sure, to you.  Most are nonsense.  Who gets to open up, who doesn’t.  It can be mind boggling.  But if you take a moment to think about it, the guidelines that make the most sense are the ones that protect others, the target virus audience.  The social distancing in crowded areas, the mask wearing, the hand washing.  These are the simple things that protects others.

As far as your own health goes, if you are a smoker, over drinker, junk food eater and over weight, you are asking a lot of your body as far as health protection goes and you could be slowly moving yourself to that target audience. If so, it is really a good time to change the unhealthy behavior and take the steps to build health.


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