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Health Tip of the Week: Staying Safe This Winter

It looks like things are starting to get interesting again concerning the coronavirus pandemic.  Case numbers are on the upswing in almost all 50 states and some states are seeing the highest number of new cases and hospitalizations since April.  The scary part is that a few Midwest city hospitals are stating that they do not have enough hospital beds to handle a bad car accident.

As scary as that seems, it is not the time to freak out.  It is the time prepare for the winter season spent indoors with not only Covid-19, but flu season and the common cold.  As I talked about when this virus first moved out of China into other countries, everyone must pay attention to their immune system health and immune system support.  We need our immune system to be at the top of its game to be ready for germs and viruses.

God gave us an immune system to keep our bodies healthy and to protect us from invading germs, bacteria and viruses.  What God never intended was that over time, lifestyle issues, unhealthy foods, environmental toxins, poor sleep habits, environmental toxins (such as electro magnetic radiation, pesticides, fertilizers, etc) would be fighting a battle with our immune systems, trying to break us down, day after day.

For immune system health during a pandemic, it is not enough to just eat whole foods, exercise, sleep enough and manage stress.  While all of those topics listed are what makes you healthy, when there is a crisis among us, you will need immune system support.  This means vitamin supplements.  Everyone should be taking daily multivitamins with an extra daily vitamin C and the correct dosage of vitamin D3 and K all winter long (or should I say, all pandemic long).

When you start to not feel good, say you have a the start of a scratchy throat or a slight cough, or a low grade temperature.  This is when you need to step up on the offensive and attack any invading germs in your body. You do this by taking extra vitamin C multiple times a day, gargle hydrogen peroxide 3%, have a couple drops of oregano oil (a few times a day) and zinc with quercetin.  Naturally, the best antiviral I am aware of is elderberry concentrate. Two teaspoons daily all winter and when not feeling good or outright sick, three times per day.

This is what it takes to support the immune system.  In addition, as I have written about many times and it is not because I am one, it’s also about regular chiropractic care.  My parents started taking my family to the chiropractor when we were young children, for the benefit on the immune system.

I can rewrite about all the scientific research that proves it to be so, but for today I will just tell you it works.  Chiropractic is an immune system boost.  When a local pediatrician told me that his patients under chiropractic care seem to be way healthier than those that are not, it’s time for the general public to listen.

What else can you do this winter to be ready for more Covid-19, coronavirus?  According to quite a few medical doctors an air purifier in your house could not hurt.  Air purifier with a HEPA filter will filter the air and keep it cleaner for you.  As evidenced from last March, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on toilet paper and sanitizing supplies.

Lastly, the big three for protecting you and your family from the coronavirus still remains the most important.  Wash your hands regularly, social distance and wear your mask when you around other people.  Hand washing kills the germs on your hands that end up on your face, your eyes and mouth that causes you to contract the virus.  Social distance.  Stay out of crowds.  This winter is not the time to be at parties and big gatherings, especially since they are indoors where the air cannot circulate.  And despite what you may think about wearing masks (violation of my personal liberties), this is a public health crisis.

A public health crisis means we do what is best for the public and our community (which incidently includes you and your family).

Wear the mask.  Not when you are alone, but when you are coming in contact (12 feet or less) from another person.  When I am walking down the street by myself, my mask is down, when I see people coming towards me, I pull it up over my face for my protection and theirs.  Masks work.  Some science shows that masks do not stop all of the virus from getting in our out.  But the point that is not debatable is that masks stop a percentage of virus from getting in and out.  Even if they only stop 50% of germs (I’m being liberal), that is still 50% of the germs and virus not being circulated in the air.  That 50% is a big help and will slow the spread of the virus.  If you do not believe that masks slow the spread of the virus, even somewhat, then I have to say this, you are in the flat earth society.

This early fall is the time to stock up on items that you will use to promote your health and well-being (and not be caught without TP), LOL).

Pregnancy News

We all know drugs and medications are to be avoided during pregnancy. This is why chiropractors have been caring for pregnant women over the last century, chiropractic is drug free.   At times, some doctors, not me, would recommend pain relievers during pregnancy to be used sparingly.  A new study recommendation by the FDA concerning common pain relievers including Advil and Aleve, states that they are to be avoided the last half of pregnancy ( I say all), as they can cause kidney problems in the fetus and decrease the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb.

Children and Chiropractic News

It’s never to late to start on your child’s heart health.

  1. Promote exercise, keep them moving.
  2. Be positive.
  3. Limit screen time, too much sitting.
  4. Schedule well check-ups prior to sports seasons to pre-screen for heart issues.
  5. Bring your child to the grocery store and read labels with them. This will help them understand the difference between good and bad foods.
  6. Check the salt intake on your foods.


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