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Health Tip of the Week: How Thoughts Change Health

The power of the mind is tremendous. Recent research finds that dwelling on negative events can increase levels of inflammation in the body. Research performed at Ohio University discovered that when study participants were asked to think about a stressful incident, their levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of tissue inflammation, rose. The study is the first time to directly measure this effect in the body.

C-reactive protein is an important marker for disease in the body. Most serious diseases like cancer, are marked by increased inflammation. This study adds evidence to the fact that you are what you think. Positive people tend to be healthier. Healthy thoughts not only create healthy minds, but healthy bodies.

Years ago, Norman Cousins wrote a book on how his body was able to cure his cancer by using laughter as one of his main treatments. It is also well documented that stress in general creates abnormal chemical reactions in the body that lead to illness, anything from heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive issues to skin disorders.

The bottom line is that you have remember to think positive.  I tell my children, avoid negative self-talk. The more negative stuff that you repeat inside your mind, not only will your mind eventually believe it, but your body will react to it as well. And that reaction will be ill health.

Keep it positive. When life dishes you out some sour apples, put a spin on it, laugh it off and turn it into learning experience. For your own health.

Thought for the Week

All sorts of bodily diseases are produced by half-used minds. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Chiropractic Thought for the Week

According to California chiropractor Dr. James Aylor, DC, chiropractic care and nutritional counseling are an effective alternative treatment for children diagnosed with ADD, autism or acute allergies. Dr. Aylor, DC, says that these treatments help manage symptoms by addressing underlying misalignments and nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to health problems.

"Traditional medical treatment for ADD relies on Ritalin, a stimulant that is used to mask the symptoms of ADD," said Dr. Aylor, DC.

"However, parents often do not want prolonged exposure to Ritalin if there are alternatives. Dietary changes and chiropractic care are two effective alternatives that alleviate symptoms without exposing a child's young, developing body to a constant onslaught of artificial chemicals. Chiropractic adjustments are gentle for children. These adjustments may remove the subluxations that are irritating the nervous system and affecting the brain's activity. Dietary changes that reduce a child's exposure to toxins and artificial ingredients may also help manage ADD." ~ Globe Newswire


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