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Health Tip of the Week: Cranberries

During this pandemic, all sorts of hording has been taking place.  Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, cleaning supplies and disinfectants to name a few.  I am not a fan of hoarding these things and would never suggest that you do. But today I am going to encourage you to hoard a particular item.

It is very important that you head to the market today and grab this nutritious superfood that stores well in the freezer before it disappears until next fall.  Cranberries!!  This tiny red ball is loaded with antioxidants, high in vitamin C, fiber and phytonutrients that protect the body from many different diseases.

The most common ailment that most people have heard (especially women) that benefits from cranberry intake is urinary tract infections.

Cranberries are high in proanthocyanins which protect the urinary tract wall from bacteria.  Most women who are afflicted with a UTI will drink cranberry juice.  Unfortunately, cranberry juice is so diluted with water and sugar, you will never get enough of this important nutrient to help out.

Cranberry extract vitamin capsules were shown to reduce UTI by over 50% and in this double blind controlled study, popular brands of cranberry juice from the market did not have the same effect.

Cranberries also protect the heart by lowering the top blood pressure number and increasing the good HDL cholesterol.

Cranberries have also been shown to have a positive effect in the body on lowering inflammation and decreasing body mass index as well as dropping insulin levels.

Some of the compounds in cranberries were also shown to have bioactive compounds that inhibit cancer cell growth.  One study showed that these compounds suppressed cell proliferation in colon, esophagus, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Probiotics are extremely important for health.  Probiotics are the healthy gut bacteria needed to protect and improve function of the immune system.  They also have major influences on our mood and overall health by fighting off bacteria, viruses and fungus.  You can help the body maintain and develop probiotics naturally by eating prebiotic foods.

These are foods that probiotics require as nutrition to nourish and feed the good bacteria.  Prebiotic foods contain high amounts of undigestible fiber, pectin and inulin. Cranberries are the perfect prebiotic for gut health.  A study performed at University of Massachusetts found that gut bacteria thrive on the carbohydrates found in cranberries. 

Lastly, what is the best way to acquire all of the health benefits from cranberries?  Naturally, eat the cranberries!  A very bitter fruit, they go well (raw) on top of a salad, in a smoothie, salsa and chutney. Slice in quarters and they will be easier to chew.  I have added a bag of cranberries to turkey and chicken soup (listen to them pop as the soup simmers).

My favorite way to eat them is to make cranberry sauce.  Since I’m not a fan of the empty calories of sugar and since cancer cells feed on sugar, it makes sense to eliminate sugar from the diet.  If you are brave, you can make plain cranberry sauce which will be very bitter (I like it) or you can substitute the sugar with monk fruit sugar which has zero calories and is all natural. Nobody knew the difference at Thanksgiving this year.  In addition, you can try organic raw agave nectar or raw honey in your cranberry sauce.  Add cinnamon for further health benefits.

Pregnancy And Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal mechanics that enhance joint motion and decrease joint discomfort. Chiropractic care also improves the body’s overall ability to function properly by stimulating neural impulse flow, optimizing the communication between your brain and body via the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

Adjustments also release and relax muscle and ligament tension in the pelvic area. During pregnancy, the importance of pelvic joint health and muscle balance is paramount for a healthy pregnancy. Pelvic alignment has a major impact on the nervous system and integrates vital aspects of your body to contribute to a healthy pregnancy.


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