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Health Tip of the Week: The Good News Regarding Covid-19

It’s about time that I report on some good news related to the coronavirus pandemic.  Covid-19 cases across the country reached a peak in mid-January.  In February, the World Health Organization changed their lab testing parameters for Covid-19 testing.  The WHO raised the value as to what constitutes a positive test, stating that the lab testing was giving out way too many false positives.  With the change in protocol came a rapid decline in Covid-19 cases closely reflecting a more accurate case count.

This drop in cases is occurring worldwide.  In Japan, Covid-19 cases have decreased 85% since January 13th.  Coincidently, Japan’s vaccination program just started on February 20th. In Columbia, where there are no vaccinations available, Covid-19 cases have decreased by 78% since mid-January.

The good news in the US is that cases continue to drop with only 13% of the population having received the vaccine as of this writing. In trying to explain the decline of Covid-19 cases, different theories have been brought up and then quickly shot down.

Theory #1 was warmer weather patterns due to seasonal change.  But this is not the case as the southern hemisphere countries are also having a major decline in Covid-19 cases and their weather pattern is opposite ours. As we get warmer, they get colder.

Theory #2 was that more people are wearing masks.  But mask use only increased from 74.5% to 75.5% between August and Christmas.  The 1% increase in mask wearing cannot account for the rapid increase in cases this winter or account for the major decline in cases we are experiencing now.

A third explanation for the continued decline in Covid-19 cases is gaining traction among scientists.  This theory states that we are running out of people who have not yet been infected or exposed to the virus.  Scientists state that the natural immunity acquired from the Sars-CoV2 virus offers powerful protection and reinfection is quite rare.

Out of the 113 million confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide, there have only been 57 cases of reinfection reported.  Johnson and Johnson, in their vaccine study, which included 2,230 people who were previously infected with Covid-19, found that those people were better protected from getting the virus again then people who had gotten the vaccine.

A lot of talk in the news is about Covid-19 variants. And that these variants spread faster and might be deadlier.  The British variant is doubling every 10 days, even so, the good news is that even with that happening, coronavirus cases across the United Kingdom and in South Africa are actually on a rapid decline.

More good news is that many hospitals around the country have adopted the Math+ protocol for coronavirus treatment of their hospitalized patients.  The Math+ protocol (includes IV vitamin C, D and Zinc with an anticoagulant like heparin and antiviral medication like remdesivir and antibiotics) is saving lives!!

Case in point, my good friend developed severe sarcoidosis (major lung disease) in 2019 and has been dealing with the condition since. He was told that if he contracted covid-19 he would be at extreme risk for dying. Last month, he caught Covid-19 and was immediately put in the hospital. He was started on a very similar Math+ protocol and within 4 days, he was out of the hospital and feeling pretty good with the only residual symptoms being loss of taste and smell. And that has since gone away too.

I am also happy to report on the death rate from Covid-19.  Initial modeling predictions were that Covid-19 would have a fatality rate of 2%-3%. According to a recent estimate from the WHO,  10% of the global population has been infected with the coronavirus.  With a worldwide population of 7.8 billion people and 1.16 million deaths worldwide from coronavirus this makes the fatality rate for all infected age groups 0.32%.  Which is much lower than the predicted 2-3%.

Sadly, this fatality rate number does nothing to console all the families that lost one of their loved ones due to this virus. Death is never just a number or a percentage when if effect’s you.  It is as real as real gets.

For safety concerns, it is also important to stress that the fatality rate effects the elderly more than the younger generation.  According to a large study in France, there was a 1000 fold difference in death risk for those age 80 and above. A study in Sweden found that the fatality rate for those over age 65 was 2.7%. It is vitally important that we still continue to protect our older generation.

My last bit of good news concerns herd immunity. Science states to reach herd immunity 2/3 of the population would have to either have been infected or taken the vaccine. Two thirds of the US population is roughly 220 million people. The 29 million Americans who have had Covid-19 are more than likely now immune from the virus. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that for every documented case of Covid-19 there are 8 more cases that are not documented.

A conservative estimate for sake of argument would be 6 to 1 ratio. Meaning 6 infected for every one documented case. So, if we multiply 6 infections times the 29 million confirmed documented cases we get a total of 170 million people already immune to the virus in the United States. 170 million is rapidly closing in on the 220 million needed for herd immunity to take place. The sooner we reach that number, the faster life returns to normal for all of us.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

As part of informed consent for your personal information here is the latest reported events from the CDC vaccine adverse reaction reporting system (via their website) to help you make your own health care decision concerning the vaccination.

As of 2/28/21, 72 million people have been given at least one dose of the vaccine.  Adverse reactions total over 19,769 (Of the 19,769 reported events, common reactions such as arm soreness and swelling, fatigue, fever, body aches and headache are included. Also included are the more severe reactions such as anaphylaxis (203 reported cases). The most common reactions are chills (over 2,891 cases), headache (3,827 cases), shortness of breath (2,867cases), nausea (over 2,633 cases).  Also, 580 people contracted the covid-19 virus after receiving the vaccine. In addition, it has also been reported on the CDC web page that over 810 people have died after receiving the vaccine. 

Pregnancy News

Prenatal ultrasound is the use of ultrasonography in pregnancy. Sound waves are used to create an actual images of the developing embryo or fetus in the uterus. The images allow the doctor to observe if the baby is developing normally. One to two ultrasounds are typically given during a normal pregnancy.

From a chiropractors perspective the ultrasound in the last trimester of pregnancy also lets the chiropractor know what position the baby is in. If the prenatal pregnancy scan reveals a breech positioned fetus, the chiropractor is able to focus their care on uterine constraint and pelvic alignment and work on relaxing the round ligaments so that the baby has room to turn to the head down position for childbirth. The chiropractor uses a technique called Webster’s technique for uterine constraint.


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