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Health Tip of the Week: Women's Health And More

I recently learned of a documentary on a topic that has mystified me for many years.  The documentary is called “Boobs: The War on Women’s Breasts.”  The documentary tackles the topic of mammograms and how they may be more harmful then good for women’s health.

Over the years, I was dumbfounded with the recommendation that starting at a certain age (say age 40), women should get annual mammograms. My thought was that if women’s breast tissue was x-rayed every year, year after year, the harmful radiation could mutate breast tissue cells and cause the very cancer that the mammogram was trying to detect.

The documentary is concerned that mammograms as a screening tool could lead to over diagnosis, over treatment, false positives and unnecessary biopsies.  Statistics show that 1.3 million women over a 30 year period were over diagnosed leading to unnecessary treatments.

The major concern is what I previously stated, the high ionizing radiation on a yearly basis can contribute to breast cancer.

Sadly, there are two diagnostic tools that are safer options for breast cancer screening.  Those two options are thermography and ultrasound.  Both work incredible well, use no ionizing radiation and can detest masses and tumors typically missed in mammograms.

Even sadder is the reason that they are not the diagnostic tool of choice.  Mammograms are a billion dollar industry making a lot of people very rich.

Health Comes From Within

Here is an very old quote from Dr. Frank Crane (please excuse the “He”).  “The smartest man in the world is the man inside. You may refer to him as nature or the subconscious self, or think of him as a force or natural law.  If you are religious you may call him God.  I say he is the smartest man in the world. When I cut my finger it is he that clots the blood, stops the gash and weaves new skin.  No living man knows how to make finger nails or hair grow, yet the man inside grows hair, nails, and new skin. Most of our happiness and our struggles comes from the man inside.”

This quote backs up the scientific fact that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism that has an inner intelligence that directs, controls and co-ordinates our bodily function and health.  This is the premise of the chiropractic profession.

The inner intelligence expresses the control of the body through the nervous system.  Blockages in neural impulse flow disrupt how the brain communicates with the body and can negatively affect body performance in all areas of health such as the immune system, hormonal system, digestive system, reproductive system and cardiovascular system to name a few.

The chiropractic profession manages health by adjusting the spine and removing nerve disruption so that the “man” or “women” inside can do what they are supposed to do 100% of the time.

In addition, if one pays attention to eating correctly with a whole foods diet, exercises regularly, gets enough sleep and manages stress you will be doing all you can do to be healthy.

In contrast, according to Dr. BJ Palmer in 1949, “Fire burns, cold freezes, water drowns, alcohol intoxicates, poison kills, etc., and the most perfectly aligned spine in the world, with 100% of the inner intelligence on the job, with a perfectly normal range of adaptability, will not prevent these excess outside conditions from producing death discomfort, or dis-ease.”

That being said, the combination of all of the above (proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and improving neural impulse flow via chiropractic adjustments) is what is needed to give your body a fighting chance to develop the health from within that allows you to be all you can be and lessen the impact of these outside/in factors that cause bad health.

Pregnancy News from the Chiropractor

Not sure if this needs to be said, but just in case there are people who do not know better.  Alcohol and pregnancy is bad for the baby.  Alcohol use can lead to birth defects.  In addition,   A new study finds any alcohol use during pregnancy, even low levels, is associated with subtle, yet significant behavioural and psychological effects in children including anxiety, depression and poor attention. 

Children's Health News from the Chiropractor

Most processed food gear to children contain more than just sugar.  Lot’s of chemicals, preservatives and food colorings.  But in addition to sugar, other sweeteners are added which makes the “food” even worse for your child.

Consuming high fructose corn syrup appears to be as bad for your health as consuming sugar in the form of fructose alone, according to a new study. The study reports health risks related to the type of sugar consumed, but also reveals novel risks when sugars are combined, which has important implications for dietary guidelines.  Sugar in the form of fructose is bad for you. This is because a majority of fructose consumed ends up in the liver. When there is too much fructose, the liver produces uric acid and fat in the form of triglycerides, which increase the risk of fatty liver, heart disease and gout.


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