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Health Tip of the Week: Heart

I recently came across an article concerning heart attacks. In the article written by Thomas Cowan, M.D., he sites research that says that most heart attacks are likely caused by an imbalance in your central nervous system (CNS) and your autonomic (or unconscious) nervous system (ANS), which controls the function of our internal organs. He goes on to say that bypass surgery provides minimal benefit for most people, as sites that are over 90 percent blocked in almost all cases compensate for the blockage by developing collateral blood vessels. As outrageous as that may sound to some people (and most doctors who perform that procedure), he does site group studies where this was proven with angiograms. They observed that blocked arteries made their own new blood passageways for the blood to flow to and from the heart (the power of the body!).

The takeaway from this article was that the autonomic nervous system controls the function of the heart and electrical impulses from an improperly functioning nervous system has a major influence on heart function and can lead to heart attacks.

In addition, Dr. Cowan also mentioned how important nutrition was in overall heart health. The newest research is finding that a diet filled with sugar (not fat) is the cause of heart disease. He goes on to suggest that a heart-healthy diet is liberal with healthy fat sources but very low in sugar. These fats come from sources such as olive oil, omega 3 fats (fish, walnut), and even organic all natural butter. The bottom line of the article was to protect your nervous system by lowering stress levels and eating a heart healthy diet as mentioned above.

Studies in other countries have shown that being in a loving, trusting relationship, having a good job and having contact with nature seems to nourish the nervous system and lower your risk of heart disease.

The above article was of most interest to me because as a chiropractor, the spinal adjustment removes imbalances in the nervous system and improves nerve flow through the autonomic nervous system. When a chiropractor adjusts your spine, particularly the upper back and upper neck, there is a direct connection from the nerves in those areas to the heart. The article was encouraging, as chiropractic research has pointed to an improvement in bodily function by adjusting the spine and removing nerve interference in fixated spinal joints.

Chiropractic Thought for the Week

Women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy report easier and faster deliveries. Many chiropractors are specially trained in the Webster Pregnancy Technique. This hands-on technique helps to reduce uterine torsion and relax the round ligament while at the same time aligning the pelvic bones for a safe, less painful delivery. No one likes to be in pain, pain can also cause a great deal of anxiety and stress, neither of which are good for mom or baby. Getting adjusted regularly while pregnant can help eliminate pain and make the process of having a baby much easier.


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